Old Mill Stream Scenic Byway

 The Old Mill Stream Scenic Byway provides the travelor with a scenic and enjoyable trip through Putnam and Hancock counties.  Sawmills, gristmills and waterpower shaped a region for Native Americans and settlers, carving a country out of the Ohio wilderness bounded by rivers and the Great Black Swamp.  The 1910's ballad, Down By The Old Mill Stream by local songwriter Tell Taylor is a signature of the times, giving its name to the scenic route meandering along the Blanchard River.  The byway stretches 52 miles over Putnam and Hancock counties, linking the Lincoln Highway National Byway to small villages of Glandorf, Ottawa and Gilboa, parks, landmarks and Findlay Flag City USA.  Travelers can experience both Ohio's heritage and hospitality - it's a Sunday drive, everyday, all seasons of the year!

Points of interest along the Byway can be viewed at: